Accommodation is not included in Conference fee. Organizers will provide help in choosing suitable hotel. You can see the web site of the hotels and choose one most complying with your requirements. All selected accommodations are situated near the Conference location (see map below).

NOTE! Cracow's hotels in summer have rather restricted number of free rooms. For your convenience we suggest to make the hotel reservation as early as possible. Please, fill the paragraph C in the final registration form and contact our agency ORBIS TRAVEL in this matter.

MAP of KRAKÓW with the location of hotels

  • Hotel Radisson SAS

  • Hotel Pod Różą

  • Hotel Aleksander

  • Hotel Saski

  • Student Hotel Żaczek

  • Student Hotel Alfa (Student Dormitory)

  • PRICES (in Euro):
    Hotel single double
    Radisson SAS 160 180
    Pod Różą 140 140
    Aleksander 90 105
    Saski 80 95
    Żaczek 25 40 without breakfest
    Student Dormitory (Hotel Alfa) 25 25 without breakfest